Guitar Of Stone

Il lato ingegneristico della musica.

In 2013, fascinated by a unique design, Saul and Bryan decided to found Guitar Of Stone.

Guitar Of Stone’s philosophy is to be able to create a tool with alternative materials and make every single instrument unique thanks to the properties of the stone, because the exclusivity is guaranteed by the design of each single sheet that can never be replicated.

To characterize the brand is in fact the top of stone applied on electric guitars and basses properly built using state-of-the-art technologies and machinery.

The next three years are characterized by the conception of a musical instrument with stone parts, starting with a prototype, many others are made. In its development, it never fails to care for detail that only man can give, so all Guitar of Stone instruments are hand-finished by industry experts.

In order to be able to test and understand the features best, the first prototypes have been played by many artists so that they can have personal feedback and understand the improvements to be made on the instrument.

With the passage of time, however, we realize that it was not enough to produce an excellent instrument from the point of view of the luterist, so we decided to create a tool that can be customized quickly and easily, which can represent the artist at all times.

So we make the first Guitar Of Stone guitar at the debut of the year 2017.